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Since 1995 Precision mechanical constructions: a path of passion and professionalism

Our story begins in 1995, thanks to the determination and initiative of Metti Simone. The beginnings are immediately promising, thanks also to the working relationships with companies belonging to different sectors, from textiles to the military, from pharmaceuticals to food.

But it was in March 1998 that, together with Debora Banoi, the process of structuring and consolidationbegan, leading us in 2016 to the transformation of the company into the current O.M.B. srl, with a close-knit team of technicians and skilled workers, a fleet of excellent machines and an efficient workflow capable of guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety in the heavy and precision mechanical construction sector.

Production of structures and interiors for train and subway cars

2003 is for O.M.B. srl a very significant year: thanks to the trust of some of the most important companies in the Rail and Railway sector, the process of specialization in the production of structures and interiors for train and subway carriages begins, an activity that still represents the central fulcrum of our production and that has led us to be a leader in the sector for technical skills, professionalism and innovation.

Among the vehicles we have helped to build in recent years we can mention Line 4 in Milan, the Rome Metro, the Frecciarossa ETR 600 and 1000, the Rock Hitachi, the Siemens metros and much more.

Innovation and UNI EN ISO certified quality to guarantee the excellence of the result

Our goal is to maintain and consolidate the industry leadership achieved over the past two decades thanks to passion and commitment of the management and the entire technical team. In order to be a partner always ready to face new challenges, even the most difficult ones, and respond to every customer need, we keep ourselves constantly updated on new technologies and processing methods.

The experience gathered and the company's great skills are also proven by the TÜV SÜD UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, that certifies that O.M.B. srl can carry out the work according to the highest quality and safety requirements.

OMB is the ideal partner for the realization of precision mechanical constructions and industrial processing! Our experts are at your disposal, for any information do not hesitate to contact us.